Non-member policy


  1. Eligible to compete for GROSS, closest to the pin, and longest drive prizes.
  2. Ineligible to compete for NET trophy prizes.
  3. Pay the tournament fee. (Tournament fee is to be announced)


  1. Membership fee $20.
  2. Must follow the MAVGA’s handicap policy:
    • Post score(s) on regular basis to GHIN System in the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) format.
    • Email the scorecard photo to the Handicap Watch Team ( after your golf round. Please make sure to circle the date and everyone’s ESC scores. Your group’s scorecard will be uploaded to the MAVGA website at later time for members viewing and the club’s record.
  3. Eligible to compete for closest to the pin/longest drive prizes.
  4. Eligible to compete for NET and GROSS score trophy prizes.

Terms & Agreements

  1. MAVGA reserves the right to disqualify golfers who exhibit misconduct or misbehave while participating in the tournament held by MAVGA.
  2. MAVGA reserves the right to penalize golfers who violate the USGA rules, local rules or MAVGA rules and in some cases the golfer may be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. MAVGA shall not be responsible for any damages that may cause by golfers while playing in the tournament held by MAVGA.
  4. MAVGA shall not be responsible for any golfers’ injury that may be accidentally caused by the act of nature, or by another golfer.